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tXtFL Christmas releases

tXtFL Mobile 0.99.11 and 0.99.12

Text Trix 0.9.4 released

On The Mark development update in light of JavaFX 2.0

New scoreboard, stats, and league import

tXtFL Mobile 0.99.10 released

Creating leagues to play and share

tXtFL on the desktop side

tXtFL Mobile 0.99.9 released

Progress report on tXtFL Mobile 0.99.9

tXtFL Mobile 0.99.8 released

Make your own tXtFL dream team

Player and team editor in tXtFL Mobile

tXtFL Mobile 0.99.7 released

NFL Draft 2011

If you're on Java 1.4...or Java 7

Progress report on tXtFL Mobile 0.99.7

Under the hood with tXtFL

Sneak peak of tXtFL Mobile 0.99.7

Stats, realism, and more on the way...

Benchmarking tXtFL 2 vs. 3pre

Analysis of tXtFL Bowl 5.0

tXtFL Bowl 5.0!

Starting the super countdown...

tXtFL for Android : championship style

tXtFL for Android : new teams, model improvements