Starting the super countdown...

The Packers and Steelers players are taking some time out to rest while watching beachside Hawaiian football in the Pro Bowl. In the meantime, we're firing up our simulators to run the virtual version of these very players through the gauntlet of thousands of simulated Super Bowls. If only we had some burgers to bake on our fiery hot CPUs.

Every year for the past 4 years, we've simulated the Super Bowl through our tXtFL Bowl. We take the complete Super Bowl teams and all their players' stats through the course of multiple games to calculate a predictive score for the real bowl. Last year we were particularly excited to predict within 3 points of each team the final score and winner.

On this 5th year anniversary, we're capping off tXtFL Bowl 5.0 with a few enhancements:
  • tXtFL 2 has been released, and we're running our usual 1,000 simulations.
  • tXtFL 3 is well on its way, and with it's sup'ed up engine, we're cranking out 100,000 simulations. Yes, one hundred thousand sims.
  • We'll be comparing the two simulators, as tXtFL 3 has a number of realism enhancements for us to test in the Bowl.
So keep your ears tuned for our predictive postings! And don't forget to download tXtFL Mobile for your Android phone so you can enjoy playing football while watching it at the Bowls.


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