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Making Use of Our Mac

Pre-release: tXtFL 1.0 beta1, updated for 2008 season

Text Trix 0.9.1 Released

Release Candidate: Text Trix 0.9.1rc1

Text Trix 0.9.0 released

Java 6 Ubiquity

Jar Ajar 0.5.0 released

Learn More About the New Jar Ajar

Release candidate: Text Trix 0.9.0rc1

Website Improvements

Jar Ajar respository migration to Subversion

Pre-release: Text Trix 0.9.0beta3 - version bump, bug fixes

Java Update Around the Corner

Pre-release: Text Trix 0.7.1beta2, with syntax highlighting

Pre-release: tXtFL 1.0.0alpha2

Analysis of tXtFL Bowl 2.0

Final Prediction from tXtFL Bowl 2.0

Another Super Bowl Prediction...

Mid-Series Score Update from tXtFL Bowl 2.0

tXtFL Bowl 2.0 Begins!

First pre-release of tXtFL 1.0 series (1.0.0alpha1)

Rough roadmap for tXtFL 1.0

Fixes for tXtFL 0.9.2 startup

tXtFL 0.9.2 (final) has been released