New scoreboard, stats, and league import

I was "watching" the World Series from the game cast and couldn't help bug admire the slick layout. Even the scoreboard is beautiful. Midway through the game, I popped out my phone and pulled up tXtFL Mobile. And with the game cast right next to me, I immediately realized that the tXtFL Mobile scoreboard needed a full overhaul.

Scoreboards through the ages (top: through v.0.99.9; middle: v.0.99.10, bottom: v.0.99.11pre)

Hopefully the new board is rather self-explanatory, but what I'll highlight is the emphasis on the key parts of the game--the scores and the clock. The little football also points out more clearly who actually has the ball, and the down and yards to go display is a bit more concise and precise (finally says "& goal"). My hope is that the end result is that you'll not only find it easier to pick up what's going on in the game, but also find it easier on the eye as well.

Under the hood, I've also finished a more extensive overhaul of the stats recording system. The old system worked but was overly complex, prone to error, and most importantly, difficult to upgrade to include additional stats. The new system is much more straightforward and flexible. To celebrate the remodeling I've added a bunch of new stats--previously played but not recorded--such as sacks, more extensive INT parameters, extra points, and returns. Now when you pull up the player in Manager, you'll find these stats recorded for posterity.

For desktop users, league import is making its debut on the desktop front in addition to its mobile release. The Game Box browser page loads the same list of shared leagues, which can be directly imported by clicking on the links. Of course, you can design and share your own league as well.

All the features are slated for the upcoming release. As usual, let me know if you have any feedback, suggestions, requests!


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