tXtFL Mobile 0.99.10 released

A new version of tXtFL Mobile is out the door with a focus on importing new leagues from the web. The game engine has also undergone extensive testing to improve realism and reward your hard efforts at coaching.

League Imports

In the Manager screen--renamed from Stats screen to reflect its growing role as a team manager/league commissioner--you'll find a new option: "Import new leagues." Choosing this option will load a list of leagues contributed by fellow users for download into your app. You can browse through the available leagues and choose any that are interesting to you.

Don't like the league you downloaded? Another new option is to delete any league or team that you want. Long-press the item in Manager, and you can choose to wipe it off your phone. (Note that default teams will reappear when you update the app or reset the database, though.)

Another option, of course, is to create your own league. Each league has been customized by coaching weights and player skill values, as well as player stats, which until now had not been available for customization in the mobile app. You can find instructions here on how to build your own league simply by editing a spreadsheet.

Game Model Refinements

On the inside, tXtFL has undergone many improvements in the game engine to provide more realistic play. Plays are now ordered by distance, from shortest to farthest, so that you can see more quickly which play to select for the given yardage situation. If you select "Choose for me," the simulator will also make more intelligent play calls, including better distribution among different receiver targets. Player ratings are more sophisticated based on your choice of player skill values and coaching weights. Choose skills wisely for each player!

To give you even more control over the management of your team, you have two more major coaching options at hand: timeouts and onside kicks. Wise use of these two rules can dramatically alter the endgame as you drive your team downfield in the two-minute drill.

As usual, the new release also includes many bug fixes. Most significantly, I had discovered that the previous version of the app might crash after upgrading from an older version of the database. The workaround was to reset the database (from the Settings menu), but now this bug has been fixed in the latest release. Should it (or any bug) continue to plague you, send me a line so I can track it down.

I hope you'll enjoy the new release and another wild week of football!


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