tXtFL Mobile 0.99.8 released

Creating your own teams and players has always been at the heart of tXtFL--for a long while it shipped with only 2 teams, plus instructions on making more--but unfortunately it wasn't very easy to do so. It involved finding the team and player templates, opening them up in a spreadsheet program, and then running an export tool to import them into tXtFL, hoping no errors would ensue.

tXtFL Mobile 0.99.8 seeks to right that. Last time, we added a dedicated stats viewer. This version builds on that by including player and team editors. Each time you pull up a player or a team, you can change the name, hometown, or even skill values. Consider yourself a run-first offense? Up the RB coaching. Prefer the passing game? Put your weight on the QB coaching. And for individual players, you can weight their arm strength/hand skills, running speed, or ability to survey the field.

Most importantly, if you're not satisfied with the stock teams, you can head over to "Create new team" and do just that. Once you've joined it up with your chosen conference and division, you can point yourself to "Players by team" to customize each and every player under your direction.

A few additional tweaks for this edition include more teams and better depiction of plays. Now while watching play animations, incomplete passes will really miss the target--or for interceptions, hit the wrong target. This release also went for an additional round of testing to hammer out many bugs and shore up the game model. Safeties after INTs should be a rarity now, if ever!

That's it for now, but the ball is rolling for the next release. And as usual--your feedback is always welcome!


  1. As always, fabulous work!
    Customization ability is what makes this the best football sim out there.

  2. Glad you like it, thanks so much for the feedback!


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