Text Flex is an independent software maker devoted to making sports and health simulators that are both scientifically accurate and simply fun.

tXtFL is a strategy-based football simulator. Our desktop app has been predicting football scores for years, and now we have an Android app that you can take to work and play on your commute.

Text Trix is a flexible, open-source text editor. We find use for it in almost all our development, both web and software, so we figured we'd make it available for you too.

Jar Ajar is a Java-based self-extractor, packager, and software launcher. Originally designed for Text Trix deployment, it also works as a lightweight install-less option for Java software distribution.

Older works

Dr. Scenario is our first health education software. We launched the game at Gloria R. Davis Elementary School in San Francisco to teach kids how to manage their health in an economical and reasonable fashion. Although no longer in active development, Dr. Scenario is free for worldwide usage.

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