Progress report on tXtFL Mobile 0.99.7

I embarked on the next tXtFL Mobile development cycle intending only to add a new screen for viewing statistics and to tweak the game models for improved realism. In the process, I decided to keep a running list of features and fixes to track my progress and prepare for future releases. As I added to the list, I also felt compelled to hack away at the issues, which ended up only revealing new bugs and new ideas--and the list kept growing and growing in an iterative process. And today it has reached the 100th issue.

Some of these issues are bigger or smaller than others, and not all of them have been fixed or fully implemented yet. It's been an invigorating experience as the list continues to grow and testing reveals new ways to make the game play less frustrating and more engaging. Getting a new phone has made testing especially delightful as now I can test wherever I go, flipping back and forth between tXtFL and checking MLB scores. And it's been a great way to pass the time while waiting for the next football season to begin, especially in light of its uncertain beginnings.

If you're curious about what's new, I'll keep posting screenshots, and don't forget that you can always give the underlying game engine a run on the desktop version! Feedback welcome, as usual.

The new integrated Box Score dialog pulls together the Stats and Drives views, along with a scoreboard on top.


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