tXtFL Christmas releases

They say that good things come in small packages. So this year for Christmas we've made a couple small but significant tXtFL releases that we hope you'll enjoy. And as usual, we've tried to keep the download size small as well.

tXtFL Mobile 0.99.13

We've been on a bug-hunting spree lately and focused on performance and stability for this release. You may not notice a difference if you have the latest and greatest Android device, but the app should purr along more smoothly on the less elite devices now.

The database upgrade experience should also be smoother now. In the last mobile release we introduced the ability to control your upgrade, and we've worked out a few kinks for this release.

tXtFL Desktop 3

After 11 pre-releases, we felt it's finally time to mark our stamp of tXtFL-3 approval. If you've been following the pre-releases on our Java Web Start channel, you won't notice a whole lot of differences from the last desktop release as the tXtFL engine has stabilized over the past few months.

If you're new the channel, however, we hope you'll enjoy the greatly streamlined, more realistic football game engine. You'll also find a broader array of stats in our revamped recording system. And we hope you'll find it all easier to use with our "cozier" interface, including a better organization of plays and improved window sizing.

More details on version 3 to come. In the meantime, what makes us particularly excited about all this is the opportunity to start development on tXtFL 4 as we kick of the new year. Happy Holidays!


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