Player and team editor in tXtFL Mobile

Awhile back someone suggested that I provide a way for you to specify player strengths, so I added "skill values" as a way for you to customize the hands, feet, build, and smarts of each of your players. Unfortunately, it was hard to actually modify those values since you either needed to access the database or load in your own player spreadsheets.

In the upcoming release of tXtFL Mobile, customization gets a little easier through the player and team editors. When you browse to a player in the stats screen, you'll notice that the skill fields are really edit boxes. Tap on a box, and you can adjust the strength of your player. Of course it might be tempting to boost your star QB to "1000" for hands, but note that skills get capped at 4 points total. Distribute wisely!

Also new to tXtFL Mobile 0.99.8 will be basic team stats browsing. In the stats screen you can pull up each team to track all its past games.

You can also globally influence your entire team through coaching points. The concept is similar--weight your QB, RB, LB, DB, or special teams coaching according to what you as a coach prefer. If you're a Singletary-style coach, you might heap up some points on the RB staff. And if you're from the Walsh-era...

...QBs get the golden ticket.


  1. Lovely, will a similar interface come for the computer version?

  2. Thanks for asking--I'm definitely planning on it! In the meantime, you can manually edit teams/players using the database (instructions here), although I realize it's a bit unwieldy at the moment.


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