tXtFL Bowl 5.0!

Our results for tXtFL Bowl 5.0 are up! We have a 4-way battle going on as not only the Steelers and Packers duke things out, but tXtFL versions 2 and 3 (pre-release) battle for the predictive victory as well. With the new engine for tXtFL 3 in place, we were able to crank out 100,000 simulations in a fraction of the time it took tXtFL 2 to produce 1,000 sims, but the end results were similar.

UPDATE: Although tXtFL Bowl 5.0's prediction (Steelers 31, Packers 22) was the reverse of Super Bowl XLV (Steelers 25, Packers 31), we were happy to see newcomer Rodgers on fire. And also that our predictions correlated well with that of Madden NFL 11 (Steelers 24, Packers 20). More analysis to come!


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