If you're on Java 1.4...or Java 7

I love it when I can run new software on older computers. With my growing collection of abandoned hardware, I frequently find myself looking for ways to keep it alive as long as possible. As an aid to all who are like-minded (or simply have legacy hardware), I've finally fixed Text Trix and tXtFL to once again work on legacy Java software, back to version 1.4. These fixes will be coming in the next releases, so stay tuned if you're on the bleeding edge of Java 1.4.

And what about Java 1.3? I finally figured out how to install it again from the Java Archive but ran into some library problems while launching my software. If there's need to run these programs on Java 1.3, let me know so I can give it another look.

UPDATE: I'm also starting to regularly test Text Trix and tXtFL on Java 7. So far, no changes required...


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