tXtFL 0.9.2 (final) has been released

At long last, version 0.9.2 of the tXtFL football simulator has been released! The new version comes with a new stats sensing engine, some AI improvements, and many bug fixes. Game testing alongside real games have helped make the game more realistic than ever before. There's still much room for improvement, but now player assignments, play choices, and actual outcomes on the tXtFL sim better mimic the games on TV...or at least on GameCast!

It's been an exciting development cycle over the past year. Switching to the new stats sensing mechanism was tedious but necessary, and the smoother team and player creation reaped rewards during live game comparison testing. Tweaking some of the tXtFL modeling parameters has ferreted out some frustrations in the game clock and play probabilities as well.

More testing and your feedback are needed now more than ever. Looking ahead, we see tXtFL 1.0 in the foreseeable future and would duly appreciate your frank feedback and suggestions as we prepare for the next development cycle!

Download tXtFL 0.9.2 here.


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