Fixes for tXtFL 0.9.2 startup

There were reports that tXtFL 0.9.2 wasn't running on Windows XP and MacOS X. We tracked down the bugs and have posted fixes for them, which are now the default downloads for Windows and MacOS platforms, respectively.

The problem on WinXP came from our switch to the new SWT graphics package for the WPF (Vista) platform. Now that most of our testing is done on Vista, we didn't notice that things weren't all a go on XP. It turns out that getting the new SWT-WPF package to run on XP is possible, but a little complicated, so we opted to stick with the original SWT package in the fix.

On MacOS X, a permissions problem prevented the startup script from being executed. If you already downloaded tXtFL-0.9.2.dmg, you can open its package contents and change the permissions execution bit...or much more easily, download tXtFL-0.9.2-1.dmg, which has the fix.

Our apologies for the startup bugs! We very much appreciated your reports and look forward to your continued feedback.


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