Text Trix 0.9.0 released

What started out as a minor bug fix became a major version bump. Playing with Eclipse and NetBeans made me want some extra code-enhancing, time-saving features in our own little editor. Now with this new release of Text Trix, I have no idea how I programmed with previous versions.

The Text Trix editor now features syntax highlighting, search navigation improvements, and many fixes for building and startup. The GPL-licensed Ostermiller syntax highlighter has been incorporated to automatically color and format text according to the given file type. Search improvements include the ability to search backward in Word Find (Shift+F3), as well as contextual scrolling for viewing found text in its context.

Line Dance also includes several fixes and now automatically names lines based on selected text. Text is more mobile through drag-n-drop. Build improvements include updated editor and plugin build scripts as simpler compilation mechanisms than the configure/Makefile combination, and startup errors on Vista platforms have been fixed. Several new command-line options have been added, including Fresh mode (to temporarily launch without reopening tabs) and no highlighting (for slower systems).

Under the hood, I've also been working to make Text Trix more Java Web Start compatible. A workaround allow the program to be launched from Web Start with plugins disabled, or the Jar Ajar packaged version can be launched to install the program with its plugins. With Jar Ajar program deployment improvements, however, I hope for Web Start to be less of a necessity and more of an added bonus.

Text Trix 0.9.0 available here. See here for changelog.


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