Final Prediction from tXtFL Bowl 2.0

I reported on Games 1-5 in a previous post. Since then the Pats took on the Giants in two more tXtFL Bowl 2.0 simulations to close out our 7 game series. And it was close. A quick recap of the games:

Game 6 - Another Brady to Moss toss capped an earlier lead and led to a resounding victory. It was never close, but the overall simulation scores remained tight. Patriots 40, Giants 26.

Game 7 - The Giants took an early lead but couldn't hold on. Both QBs showed dismal performances...but that's relative to their averages, meaning that Brady still racked up 250 yds, spread across numerous receivers (the Giants' Toomer topped receiving yards at 83 yds). Patriots 45, Giants 28.

So the final results?
  • Victories: Patriots 5, Giants 2
  • Scores: Patriots 34.00, Giants 33.71
Yes, the point spread is literally in the decimal places. Although the Patriots cleanly won the series' "electoral vote," or number of victories, the score spread suggests a tight and terrific game.

And the game is about to begin! See you there...


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