Website Improvements

Our main website has essentially sat in idle beta form for the past half year. That all finally changes today with the addition of Web Design and Software Development portfolios and upgraded About and Contact pages. Let's highlight some of the changes:
  • Modal engine. I stumbled across the Facebox modal content engine for displaying images and whole websites in a thoroughly Web 2.0 context. Now you can view our current sites in full working order as well as screenshots of past sites, overlaid across the Text Flex website. Creating images of past sites made for quite a nostalgic moment or two.
  • New tables. We created new tables as a clearer, more descriptive, and simply sleeker way to present more information on what we're about and what we've done. And what we can do for our clients.
  • Image refresh. I made thorough use of my trip to Australia to splash the website with new shots for each of the updated pages. If I could be so forward, I would highly advise a trip to Sydney and Uluru one of these days.
  • Embedded calendar. We've used Google embedded calendars for many of our client sites, but we had yet to embed one in our own site. Now you can track past and coming software releases as well as other events of note.
  • Embedded query form. Rather than offering just a phone number and email address, we now serve a guided query form for people to get in touch with us.
With additional testing, the upgraded site will become Text Flex Website 4.0. What were past three versions like? Take a trip down memory lane, into the world of Web 1.0 and beyond.


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