Java 6 Ubiquity

Ease of software distribution has always been a chief concern of ours. Our goal is to speed users through the installation process so that people can focus on using our software rather than installing it. In the past one of the major hurdles was our inability to assume that most people had Java software installed on their computers. That's changing in recent days with the release of Java as open source, the release of Java 6 on MacOS X, and now the Java 6 compatibility of open-source Java via the Java Test Compatibility Kit.

Knowing that Java is installed or available for most computers means that we can focus our software development less on deployment and more on continuing to add new features. Knowing that Java 6 is becoming more and more ubiquitous means that we can begin taking advantage of new features built into the latest version of Java. Our Jar Ajar deployment software was initially developed to harness the assumption that Java was installed where people used our software. That assumption is (thankfully) becoming less bold and more realistic as more people install Java on their computers.

Our goal of software distribution is for single file, double-clickable installation, launch, and usage. Our thanks goes out to all the Java platform developers and advocates for making that goal so much easier to realize these days.


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