Pre-release: tXtFL 1.0.0alpha2

The second of our extended series of football simulator pre-releases on the road toward tXtFL 1.0 has been uploaded. alpha2 focuses on tXtFL Draft improvements, including a new mouse-driven interface based on the main simulator's new interface. The Draft utility also sports a new integrated browser to make downloading stats more intuitive.

The Game Guide has also undergone a face lift to fit the new integrated browser and provide a modernized look. Scripts have also been improved for running on a Mac system, and a .dmg build has been included for brainless launching.

Features still in the works are a simplified drafting mechanism with clearer instructions, and a remote, graphical game viewer. These may take some time, but in the meantime please keep testing alpha2 or checking out our source code from our Subversion repository. Testing scripts for easier debugging ( or run.ps1) have just been added to the repository.

Download from here.


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