Another Super Bowl Prediction...

Plaxico Burress predicts the New York Giants will top the New England Patriots this Sunday in Super Bowl XLII. What's new. Naysayers for the dominant Patriots are everywhere, perhaps to gain attention or simply to root for the underdog. But what is new, apparently, is the predicted score: Giants 23, Patriots 17. Says Brady, "Only going to score 17 points? Is Plax playing defense? ... I wish he’d said like 45-42 or something like that. At least he’d give us a little more credit for scoring a few points."

As much as we'd like not be mere naysayers, I admit that our tXtFL Bowl 2.0 series sim is pointing in the same direction. Just before Game 6, the Giants are leading the Patriots by score at 26-22. That's probably not in the direction Brady would like, but at least it gives him the 3-point spread.

But the real thing is the real thing. And our real prediction is still to come, with Games 6 & 7 of the tXtFL Bowl still up for grabs.


  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I am ready for the showdown! I am anxious to see how the predictions come out.


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