Pre-release: tXtFL 1.0 beta1, updated for 2008 season

The trek to tXtFL 1.0 continues with our first beta release. This 1.0-pre-release is similar to alpha2, but now the new graphical interface has been deemed of "beta quality" after more extensive usage testing.

One new feature is the ability for automatic game play: choose the number of games you'd like to simulate, and tXtFL will play entire games for you. This automation tool is a work in progress and will be critical to evaluating and improving the football game engine...and hopefully offering a boost to your football fantasty selections as well.

And it the 2008 season already? The stats links have been updated to track the latest collisions on the field.

See here for tXtFL 1.0 beta1 (and changelog). UPDATE (2008-09-15): The Mac .dmg package is also now available. It runs on the JVM 5 included on most recent Mac systems.


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