Mid-Series Score Update from tXtFL Bowl 2.0

We're closing in on the 4th quarter of our 7-game simulation series of Super Bowl XLII. So far the Patriots have played the Giants for 5 games in our tXtFL Bowl 2.0 sim series, which uses real player stats in our latest game engine (tXtFL release 0.9.2) to predict the Super Bowl's outcome. A brief recap of highlights so far:

Game 1 - The Giants led for most of the game, but with 0:13 to go in regulation, Brady tosses a 13 yd TD pass to Walker. A 2-point conversion by Maroney sets the Patriots on top in one wild finish. Patriots 27, Giants 26.

Game 2 - The Patriots again fell behind for most of the game. But they broke out in the 4th quarter (again) for 17 points and a 3-point victory. Patriots 33, Giants 30.

Game 3 - The QBs couldn't get it together this game. Neither passed for more than 100 yds, but somehow the running game and special teams took off to lift the Giants to a whopping 50 points and resounding victory, their 1st of the tXtFL Bowl series. Giants 50, Patriots 22.

Game 4 - The 4Q Pats magic is back. Brady's toss to Maroney puts the Pats on top, and a 2-point conversion to Moss cements their lead for good. Patriots 39, Giants 36.

Game 5 - The Patriots take an early lead but fall behind after the Giants battle back in the 2nd quarter. A last-minute fumble breathes new wind into Patriot sails, and Brady drives his offense to the Giant's 3 yardline in hopes of a TD and 2-point conversion to tie the game. But an incomplete final pass seals the Giant victory. Giants 40, Patriots 32.

Game 6, 7 - Stay tuned!

Series so far:
  • By victories: Patriots 3, Giants 2
  • By score: Giants 26.00, Patriots 21.86
Not unlike the US primaries, the race remains tight. Stay tuned for Games 6 and 7!


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