tXtFL 3 goes live!

Version 3 of the tXtFL engine and desktop app went live this past Christmas. tXtFL 3 is a major new version with a completely reworked design that allows it to power multiple form factors--whether mobile, desktop, or server/command-line. It's already served as the engine for tXtFL Mobile on the Android platform and our tXtFL Desktop pre-releases. After 11 pre-releases, we felt it's high time to call it final.

So what's in it? Here are some of the highlights.

Performance improvements for automated simulations

tXtFL 3 is built for running multiple simulations of real games. We use it to test our engine using real stats against outcomes from real games so that we can constantly improve our football model. You can also use it to predict scores for your own fantasy leagues. As you can see, one of the huge benefits of modularizing our engine was to dramatically improve simulation speed, from barely 0.02 games per second in the previous version to now nearly 30 games per second. That means that you can run 1,000 simulations of each game for each 16-game week in under 10 minutes.

Many, many game model enhancements and fixes for improved realism

While our old engine was fairly accurate in overall scores, running it play-by-play revealed small but annoying bugs such as safeties after interceptions and the inability to complete extra points after time expired. Not only has the new engine corrected those errors, but it's also increased sophistication of the model with improved AI decision-making (eg punt/play, pass/rush, and fair-catch choices), overall game stats (eg average time and yards per play), and strategic play-calling (eg timeouts, onside kicks). Player abilities are also now a much more complex integration of each player's skill values.

Completely revamped stats engine

The old stats engine worked but was clunky and, on occasion, error-prone. We decided to completely revamp the stats recording system by making it far simpler and as a result far more flexible for adding new stats. To prove our point, the new version now includes many new stats parameters (eg sacks, INTs, fumbles, and returns), with more to come (note that the database does not yet record these stats, but you can see them during game time).

Season improvements

As an added bonus to the automated sims improvement, seasons now allow you to load spreadsheets with season schedules for predicting scores of real team match-ups. And just how do you do that? The built-in browser can handle that through the URL bar (more documentation on that to come). We've also fixed many season bugs to keep away the "seasonal flu" that you may have experienced with the old version--things should work much more smoothly now on your way to the tXtFL Bowl!

Import entire leagues from the web

Using the built-in browser, you can browse through available leagues online and download them into your simulator. If you'd like to submit your own league, we can host it for you!

Updated, "cozier" interface

Although we've left the familiar layout mostly intact, we did make a few updates to steamline the user experience, which we'd like to call "cozier" for your coaching comfort. You'll notice the 3-column choices layout that also organizes plays by left/middle/right and distance. The app should also display better on both small screens and at higher resolutions for an overall more comfortable experience.


We continue to support Windows, Mac, and Linux (yes!) platforms in both 32- and 64-bit (yes yes!) flavors. Instead of having to choose all the right combinations yourself, running and launching tXtFL is now as easy as clicking on a link. Java Web Start handles the entire download and launch process and will even keep your app updated with each new release.

Download tXtFL 3 (Java Web Start channel)

tXtFL 3 was a year in the making, and what better way to celebrate the new year than by treating yourself to a new engine? As the professional season winds its way to the big Bowl, we hope you'll have fun coaching your new team or even managing an entire league on its way to your own championship.


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