tXtFL tips: import spreadsheets

This post kicks off our new series highlighting some of the new features in tXtFL 3. Keep checking back for new tips!

In previous versions of tXtFL we had a separate program for loading your own teams and players via spreadsheets. Now we've built in the function directly into the tXtFL app so that you can load up your entire league without leaving the app.

The import tool makes use of the built-in browser on the left-hand side of the tXtFL window. Using special syntax, you can direct the app to load your custom spreadsheets. Here are the steps:

  1. Fill out your league using the online template. We'll have more details on how to do that in a separate post.
  2. Download the "leagues", "teams", and "players" sheets as .csv files (File > Download as > CSV). Make sure that the names of the files have the names of the respective sheets.
  3. Move the .csv files to your home directory (eg C:/Users/mike on Windows 7).
  4. From within tXtFL URL bar, type the following command, replacing the name of the files with your own:
    txtfl://import:Demo League - leagues.csv|Demo League - teams.csv|Demo League - players.csv
  5. Press Enter. Note that you'll need to refresh the list by choosing Next and then Back again (to be fixed in the next version). If you see your league appear in the leagues list, you can now run it!

UPDATE: Note that each keyword of the sheets (eg "leagues") should be plural for the app to detect the correct type of sheet. The online spreadsheet has been fixed to automatically download sheets with the right names.

If you encounter errors, check the spreadsheet to make sure that all values are entered correctly (it's a bit nit-picky at the moment). Also feel free to email me/comment to help troubleshoot. More info to come on designing your league!


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