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I happen to be sitting in an airport with a speedy, free WiFi connection, but alas, most airports are not as such, and I rely upon my smartphone to do all the heavy lifting. With one hand toting luggage and the other juggling between a cup of coffee and my phone, I very much appreciate smooth mobile websites easy on the one-handed operation. But alas, the Text Flex website was not one of them.

That's all starting to change with the first incremental release of our mobile-enabled website. Following responsive web design principles, we're modernizing and adapting our site to make it easy on the mobile eyes. Starting with the tXtFL homepage, you'll find a simple single-column format of all the football simulator's highlights, news, and download sections. Downloads of course point to tXtFL Mobile rather than to the desktop version, and all blog links should take you automatically to the mobile-enabled articles.

You'll notice though that links to any other page on the site will take you to the full desktop layout. We'll be working to fully mobilize our website, and as we're still in very early stages, we greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions! Please let us know how zippy or unzippy, happy or unhappy you are with the site, and we will do our best to make for the smoothest on-the-go Text Flex experience.


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