Pre-release: tXtFL 2 beta2 with many refinements

We've been itching to get tXtFL 2 beta2 out to you as this new pre-release contains a number of refinements that should make this more of a truly "tXtFL 2" experience. So what's in the lineup?

Faster database loading

Our metrics indicated that while database loading could be speedy on a Core 2 Duo machine, the database could take up to 30 sec or more to load on a trusty Pentium-M computer. To speed up the processing, we adjusted the database to load in parallel with the graphics engine. Initial loading still shows a lag on older machines, but subsequent loads are much brisker.

League rule-sets, foreals

One of the defining features of a new league is a distinct set of rules. While our last pre-releases introduced rule sets, we realized that a bug was preventing them from being loaded properly. Now rule sets are not only properly loaded, those rules are actually applied during game time. Don't like fair catches? Turn them off. Want shorter play clocks? Dial it down.

Updated for 2010 season

Like the tXtFL 1.1.3 release, this pre-release includes links to the latest season for all the greatest statistical glory. And now between weeks, all newly downloaded player stats will overwrite the old ones so that you can keep your players updated from week to week.

Best of all, tXtFL 2 is nearing final release! Stay tuned, and in the meantime, download a pre-release and let us know your feedback.

Download | release notes

Update (2010-09-23): If you've had trouble running tXtFL 2 beta2 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, try downloading a new copy. Let us know if you run into anymore troubles.


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