Season 2010 predictions: Week 3

Continuing our long tradition of score predictions, we're putting tXtFL 2 pre-release builds to the test on 300 automated simulations of tomorrow's 49ers vs. Chiefs game. The testing revealed a couple bugs, included a long-standing negative clock bug that we've finally fixed. Given how the 49ers have performed this year so far, could our predicted score be but another bug? We'll find out tomorrow.

UPDATE: As you probably know by now, the blowout by the Chiefs of 31-10 means that, yes, our predicted score was a "bug."

We also have another treat, a 973-game prediction of tomorrow night's Packers vs. Bears. Scores earlier in the season are harder for us to predict as we have less data to go by, but we're giving it another shot. Apparently our simulator is giving a shout-out to the Bears.


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