Pre-release: tXtFL 2 beta1 with playoffs, championships

We're always excited to announce a new pre-release, but we've been waiting for this particular one for quite some time. Today we're kicking off the first official beta of our upcoming major upgrade, tXtFL 2. We found it only fitting that with the passage of the final pre-season games in the NFL last night, we're introducing the first tXtFL version that contains complete seasons, including playoffs heading into the final championship, the tXtFL Bowl.

The previous alpha release introduced seasons, and this beta release extends upon that with the post-season. If the original 16-week season is dissatisfying now that the NFL seems assured of the 18-week season, you can customize season lengths at will. (Of course, that means a quick 5-week season is just as available.) At the end of the season, the divisional winners and top wild card teams duke it out in divisional playoffs until conference champions emerge. These final victors go on to vie for the title in the tXtFL Bowl.

To have divisional and conference playoffs, the league must have divisions and conferences. Now you can set up just that with your own customizable leagues. Each league can specify its own rule set, including field dimensions, play clock limits, and whether to include punts (a la Arena-style). Load up your league settings in the leagues spreadsheet, and you can have your own MyLeague.

We wish you and your team all the best in the 2010 season. And keep checking back—we'll be having more betas and need your feedback as we head toward the final release of tXtFL 2!

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