Pre-release: tXtFL 2.0.0alpha4 with leagues and rule-sets

One of our most oft-requested features for tXtFL is for inclusion of NCAA football. In this latest pre-release, we decided to up the ante with both Canadian and collegiate football. Now you can play with NFL, CFL, or NCAA rules straight from tXtFL, or create your own leagues with customizable rule sets.

My house, my rules: tXtFL now plays Canadian football under Canadian rules, including 110-yard fields, 3 downs per cycle, and 12 players on the field per team. We'll continue adding additional features to capture the fine nuances of our Canadian friends, such as "singles" and other special kicking rules.

Geaux Tigers! or Go Bears! or go wherever your alma mater is. College football is for the most part very similar to the NFL, even more so now that the NFL (and tXtFL) has adopted the venerated two-point-conversion. But there's nothing like hundreds of additional teams to follow to keep the football spirit alive all days of the week.

Of course, these leagues are but a few of the professional football organizations that can be included in tXtFL. Arena Football League is attempting a two-point-conversion of its own as it makes a 2nd try after bankruptcy, and the league with the coolest rules (in my opinion) will of course get representation in tXtFL. You can also generate your own Pop Warner and high school football leagues to complete the development pathway and track players from birth til Hall of Fame.

The pre-release comes with a few additional features, including an upgraded graphical toolkit (SWT 3.6 final) and database checking and backup to ensure that you're running a compatible version of the FootballDB. Future pre-releases will focus on including more leagues, teams, and the ability to download teams and players. What makes us particularly excited about this pre-release is that it marks the final 2.0 alpha release--look out for tXtFL 2.0 beta on the horizon!

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