tXtFL 3.8: Home field advantage, past game summaries

With all the Combine action, we decided to make our own tXtFL offseason move with the release of tXtFL 3.8 for the desktop. Here are the highlights.

Home Field Advantage

Watching the (agonizing) Niners-Seahawks championship game at Seattle left a permanent impression of the home crowd's impact, and it left its mark on tXtFL as well. New for tXtFL 3.8 are Home Field Advantage settings, with extra weighting for the home team based on the historic home crowd. We have new settings for included leagues, and you can add your own values when creating your own league.

Note that you'll need to reset the database or edit values by hand if you're upgrading from an older version.
Whether you call it "the 12th man" or "the biggest crutch," Seattle gets the highest Home Field Advantage.
Past Game Summaries

Buried in the Options panel is a setting to record game summaries. Checking this box means that for each game you play, a summary of the game's box score will be saved for later viewing. The trouble was actually finding this file to view. Now you can access the file straight from the season schedule, double-clicking on the game to open a new tab with the entire summary.

If you're upgrading from an older version, chances are that you'll first need to enable the option in the Options panel to record those stats ("Write stats from each game to file"). This option will be enabled by default on new installs.

Bug Fixes

We also have the usual bug fixes. Most notable are fixes for some multiplayer connection issues and playoffs for leagues with certain conference/division setups, including some of the leagues available for download. Memory usage has also been significantly decreased, which improves behavior of the tXtFL Mobile app for lower-end devices.

The new release is available on our launcher/updater. Our latest tXtFL Mobile pre-release includes most of these changes well, which you can access from our Community!


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