Beta Build: tXtFL Desktop 3.99.5

The road to tXtFL 4 has focused on building a franchise, and some of the building blocks have included improved play sophistication as well as injuries and substitutions. This latest beta gets back to the roots by bringing new franchise features to track and build your team from season to season.

At the start of a new season within a franchise, rookies will be drafted to fill in open slots in your depth chart. You also have the option to set exactly how deep the depth charts will be, and all teams will fill their charts with fresh rookies. Rookies are auto-generated with unique names as well as stats that are fitting for their position.

At the end of the season, players may now retire. Retirement is influenced by how many seasons they've played as well as how many injuries they've sustained throughout their career. A recent spat of injuries can be particularly punishing, pushing a player to consider staying off-field. You can also set the threshold for average retirement age (just a guideline, susceptible to lucrative contracts and whatnot).

All remaining players get promotions up the depth charts. New rookies fill up spots opened up by retired players. And your franchise continues another season in its trek toward multiple Bowl titles.

View the whole changelog here.


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