Text Trix 1.0 Released

To make a "version 1.0" release is an arbitrary decision, and we have arbitrarily decided that Text Trix 0.9.5 should be "Text Trix 1.0." Why the change? We've been using Text Trix to edit all of our other source code for over a decade, so if "1.0" is defined by being production ready, we can vouch for that.

And of course, it's all arbitrary anyway, right?

Our hope is that if you find Text Trix useful, you'll feel comfortable using it in your productive environment too. We've included a few updates in this release to grease up usage in modern environments such as high-res displays and have tested it in on the latest Windows, Mac, and Linux versions and Java releases. We've also built in a new syntax highlighter that covers a much broader variety of modern languages.

And remember, Text Trix is open source and open to feedback and suggestions!

Download here.


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