Beta Build: tXtFL Desktop 3.99.3

We've been pretty quiet about tXtFL 4 previews, but they're definitely baking. Our goal for tXtFL 4 is to bring franchise management and more sophisticated play anatomy to the field, and we're just starting to round out the framework for it.

We posted the first beta build about a year and half ago, which you may have noticed if you happen to find a buried link on our main changelog page. It provides the basics for following a franchise one season to the next, but not much more than a framework so far. The second beta brought multiplayer, and we got so excited about it that we brought introduced it in tXtFL 3.6 so that we could hook it up with Google Play Games on our Android version. The third beta just incorporated all the changes from tXtFL 3.6 and 3.7, including a bunch of football model updates and a new season viewer.

Today we've posted our latest beta build, which brings a new system for routes and coverage schemes. The old offensive plays were based mainly on player formation, one designated receiver, a goal distance, and whether the play would go toward the right or the left of the field. Defensive plays were composed of trying to anticipate where the ball would go in terms of distance and left/right field. Anticipating the geography would bode well for the defense.

The new system breaks this down by providing routes on an individual player basis. Offensive pass plays can now designate multiple potential receivers, each running a different route. Defensive plays now incorporate coverage schemes ranging anywhere from pure zone to pure man-on-man. When each pass play starts, match-ups are calculated based on each potential receiver's route and nearby defenders from the coverage scheme.

The QB can choose among these receivers, although picking the best match-up isn't automatic. QB passer abilities influence the passer's ability to pick out the optimal match-up from the chaos and thread the pass through the coverage. Now all your receivers, whether WR, TE, or even RB/FB can get into the mix on each play, and it'll be up to the master scheming of the QB vs the hawk eyes of the prowling defense to make the day.

We'll be working to allow you to build and customize your own plays so that you can carry along your playbook with your upcoming franchise. In the meantime, give our beta a spin, and let us know your thoughts!


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