tXtFL Mobile 2.0: Google+ for multiplayer, achievements, leaderboards

Today my fantasy league gathers for its draft, and probably around the world many such small groups of people are gathering to celebrate the end of the doldrums of summer and the start of NFL 2013. But with the real kickoff still an eternal 5 days away, I'd like to share with you that tXtFL Mobile 2.0 has kicked off already. Here's what new in version two.

Multiplayer and More

tXtFL Mobile once again has achievements and leaderboards, this time courtesy of Google+. We enjoyed OpenFeint while it lasted, but after it shuttered its doors, we were on the lookout for a new social gaming source. Google Play Games brings that with easy login through your Google+ account.

Even more importantly, Google+ brings real-time multiplayer gaming. Not to be left out by tXtFL Desktop multiplayer, our mobile app also now has a multiplayer mode. In Quick Game, you can automatically go head-to-head with any other player available. You can use the Invite Players button to choose friends from your Google+ network.

And of course, you can continue to play tXtFL without signing in at all.

Layout Improvements

We also have a new landscape view optimized for phones. The 3-column layout works great on tablets but was just too tight on our phones. So now there's a 2-column format to keep tabs on the animation while coaching your team. If you happen to have a massive phone (or any tablet), you'll still have access to the spacious 3-column gamecast.

So whether you're laboring of not on Labor Day, I hope you enjoy some football action on your phone or tablet!


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