tXtFL 3.6: Multiplayer!

Back in the day, tXtFL had a rudimentary multiplayer function that involved telnet and the command-line. With earlier releases of tXtFL 3, we dropped multiplayer support in hopes of making a newer, better version that could run straight from the app. tXtFL 3.6 finally brings that feature, where you can connect to other players on a LAN or across the web to play football head-to-head. Or as we used to say, helmet-to-helmet!

Left: Really, really old version of tXtFL. Right: tXtFL 3.6 with multiplayer built into the main app.

The multiplayer function now includes an option to connect to tXtFL on another computer. One player will act as the server, and the other player can connect by IP address or hostname. Note that if you are playing across the web, you may have to configure your router to gain access to the port of your choosing.

Once connected by multiplayer, the client can access all the game stat browsers. Each time you change stat tabs, tXtFL will pull in that data. Note that as of now, only the server's teams will be available for play, including any customizations. We're planning to allow you to bring your own team to the fight in the future.

There have also been some important fixes to play choices in multiplayer mode. Other fixes include saving games as well as running the app in full screen mode on the Mac (works on Java 7u40+).

The downloader/installer has also been updated so that you will no longer need Java Web Start, and tXtFL can run even with all Java plug-ins disabled. The new installer will download the application and keep it up-to-date with each new release. You can download it here.


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