tXtFL Mobile 2.1: League updater

As the 2013 season builds momentum, we're keeping tXtFL Mobile with both a new release and a new way to keep your downloaded leagues updated. New for tXtFL Mobile 2.1 is a league updater that will check for available updates to your league.

When you select a league for update, it will show you an update window with the current and available versions. Updating your league will replace all initial stats with updated stats while preserving stats from games you've played. All depth charts will be updated, too.

We're also tweaking the game setup screen to improve organization and clarity. First-time users may appreciate the brief instructions to explain what signing in will do (it's optional! and only for multiplayer/Google+). Opposing teams are now listed side-by-side, and you can access the Settings from the tool icon.

Left: v.2.0. Right: v.2.1, with instructions, side-by-side teams, and Settings button.

And of course, there are a number of bug fixes, particularly with the Google+ sign-in. Hope you have fun keeping tXtFL Mobile updated with the 2013 season!


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