Updated controls for tXtFL Mobile

I love user friendly software, and I'll admit that tXtFL has not always had the user friendliest of interfaces. The latest release aims squarely at smoothing out some of the clunkiness, as described in the last progress update. I figured that I'd add some pictures here for side-by-side comparison.

Favorites selector

In previous versions (pictured on the left), you had to pick your league, team, game type, and season every time you started a new game. Now on startup you'll find a favorites selector (pictured on the right), which remembers your last settings and lets you reapply (or adjust) them for the next game. You can also download a new league or create a new team straight from the selector.

Season standings table

The original season standings appeared in text after choosing a season. Now when you continue a season using the favorites selector, you'll find the standings laid out in table format. Press on the postseason button, and it'll show the current projections. You can also get to the standings table through the Manager screen, which lists all seasons for each league. The season name is editable too, so you can rename the season to your liking.

Player controls

One of the keys to coaching in tXtFL Mobile is adjusting player skill points for each position. The old interface could be tough to use because it required manually typing in new values. Now those same skills can be adjusted through a few sliders.

Team controls

Similarly, team coaching points have a significant impact on game play and can now be adjusted through simple sliders as well. For both player and team controls, the game will automatically scale down points if the max allotted points were exceeded so that you don't have to go back and readjust everything.

Bug fixes

These updates originally went out just over a week ago, and a new release posted today contains bug fixes addressing some issues with the changes, particularly with the favorites selector. As usual, let me know if you find further bugs or have any suggestions.


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