2012 season tXtFL progress update

With the 2012 football season well under way, it's high time for an update on the latest happenings from tXtFL. I've been working on a number of interface updates for the mobile app on Android that should hopefully make for a smoother ride into the season. That, plus the usual bug fixes and some 2012 player updates for both the desktop and mobile apps. Special thanks to everyone who has given me feedback and suggestions on improving the app!

Here are some of the new features making their way into the upcoming version:

Remembering your favorite team and current season

A new box at the start of the game will let you pick your favorite league, team, game type, and season. It sets them as default so that you can pick up in the season right where you left off. It's not quite "franchise mode" yet, but moving in that direction as you can now at least stick to your favorite team with one tap.

Player and team controls

The player and team controls in the Android app allow one to customize player skill points and team coaching points, but I realize it's been a bit clunky to update the values in the current form. I've overhauled them so that you can adjust skill points through simple sliders, and it will automatically readjust points if you go over the limit. The controls should fit better in smaller screens too so that the side boxes don't get cropped.

New season standings viewer

I've added a new box for pulling up your season standings. One tab shows regular season standings, broken down by conference and division, and the other tab shows postseason standings, including conference rankings when the postseason is still to come.

Bug fixes

One of the greatest challenges has been tracking down sporadic bugs that crop up now and again. Some of the fixes are for crashes after repeatedly flipping between portrait/landscape viewing, on resuming, and displaying certain text. The text should also scroll more easily, and some of the text itself has been fixed/improved. A big thank you to all the eyes who have spotted bugs and helped me track them down!


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