tXtFL 3.3: More league customizations

tXtFL 3.3 debuted this summer with new ways to customize your leagues. When creating your league, you'll notice that you can now assign multiple positions to a single player. That way, your RB can also serve as a backup FB, and your K can double as a P in a pinch. Or you could throw in your backup QB as a WR for the wildcat...

There are also new ratings for conference and team skills to balance out teams from weak conferences playing one another. Stats might become inflated in weak conferences, for example, and need to be dialed down during inter-conference play. See the changelog for the full list of new league parameters.

While most changes in tXtFL 3.3.0 are the less visible ones, including new libraries for better stability, one small update that should make things immediately more convenient is that selections are now done with a single rather than a double click. I don't know why we didn't make this change sooner, but it should cut down finger fatigue by at least half when playing strategic football.

Note that this version has been posted for the desktop version and is being integrated with additional new updates on the Android version. Stay tuned!


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