tXtFL 3.2: new scoreboard, player stats tables, and manager

I wanted to get tXtFL 3 out the door in time for the playoffs and Super Bowl, which didn't quite leave enough time for updating the interface. tXtFL 3.1 started the interface update process through a new, 3-column layout. The latest release, tXtFL 3.2, builds upon that with three new interface features.

The old scoreboard was derived purely from tXtFL's textual roots. The new scoreboard emulates actual stadium scoreboards, with the scores prominently displayed on the sides and clock information in the center. I threw in a few graphics with the ball and timeout lights to simulate what you might also see on TV broadcast scoreboards. If you've used tXtFL Mobile for Android, the new scoreboard might look familiar, with a few improvements added here.

Player Stats Tables
One of my personal favorite changes was converting player stats from a text-based table to a series of actual tables. The original table used a monospaced font to line up the stats in columns to display in one large, scrollable text area. In tXtFL 3.2, each statistics group gets its own table with corresponding headers and scrollbars. The more compact style of each table will also allow me to add more stats for each group, starting with the total kicking points and inside 20 punting already added here.

Basic Team Manager
One final addition has no counterpart in previous releases. Unless you go way back to some of the early text-based releases, that is, where you could make player substitutions and reload the entire team roster. This feature has returned in a simpler, more user-friendly form through the Manager tab. At the top of the tab, you can pick any team from any league to view all of the team's players. Stats include player skill values as well as all player stat totals.

The player are divided into starters and benched players, similarly to what you might be familiar with in fantasy football. When viewing your own team, the Manager switches from being merely a team browser to actually allowing a simple management function--making player substitutions. If you click on a starter and a bench player, you can sub in the benched player by pressing the Swap Players button. Swapping them will update their position and depth in the database so that your changes can be permanent (and of course you could always revert them on your own). Note that players need not be for the same position, so you could for example swap LG and RG players, or even throw in a backup QB for the wildcat play.

And here's a final screenshot of the full interface in action. One other update is that now you can move most of the separators at will. Previously only the separator to the right of the browser could be moved, but now all columns' sizes can be adjusted, and you can even adjust the sizes of each of the player stats tables.

Hope you enjoy tXtFL's new look!


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