tXtFL 3.1 released with new look

tXtFL comes with a new look today. The interface looked mostly unchanged between tXtFL 1 and tXtFL 3, and we thought it's high time to bring it to a more modern era. And an "air"-a era it is, as we've sought to make things a bit more airy and spacious for your stats viewing pleasure. Have a look:

As you can see, we've collected a number of regions into just three columns. The browser area is fairly familiar but does have icons now for web navigation. The middle section is more spacious and includes bigger buttons below and the scoreboard right above. On the opposite side, we've grouped the stats and drives areas into a tabbed pane so that you can visualize all the stats for your team at once:

Now it should be easier to track your favorite players from one play to the next. If you switch over to the drives tab, the text has been updated to sound just a bit less canned and more appropriate for each type of play. A completely new region we're particularly excited about is the options tab:

The options pane allows you to select app preferences that will be applied each time run the app. One new option is to record player stats from automated games. Before, we decided to forego stats recording from automated games in case you might be playing 1,000,000 automated sims (as we did for tXtFL Bowl 6.0), which would have rapidly expanded the database size. But now you have the option to record these stats, and best of all, you'll get a spreadsheet at the end of the games with stats totals from all the automated games you just ran.

Another new option is to open the database as a server. Why might that be necessary? If you've ever tried to run two copies of tXtFL at the same time, you probably received an error messaged saying that the database could not be opened. This option overcomes that limitation by opening the database as a server in the app so that you can connect to it from other apps, whether additional copies of tXtFL or even a database viewer/editor to check out the fine nuances of your stats.

Underneath it all, we've also put considerable effort into continuing the game model refinement, including improved clock management, place kick calculations, and automated play calling AI. League rules have many more parameters so that you can better tune the simulator to your own league if you're creating one (eg singles, field goal returns). And if you're running automated sims, you'll fine it a bit zippier.

All in all, we're very excited about the new release, and we hope you enjoy it too!

See here for all the changes and the download file.


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