Pre-release: tXtFL 2.0.0alpha3 with seasons

"Green twenty-two! Red thirty-seven! Alpha three!" Alpha3? What kind of quarterback audible is that? In the tXtFL, it's nothing less than the 2.0.0alpha3 pre-release, right on our doorsteps!

High on the heels of--yup, you guessed it--alpha2, the alpha3 pre-release brings with it the addition of Seasons that we've been talking about. Seasons allow you to coach your favorite team through 16-weeks of tireless action while tracking your standings and automating other teams' games. But as alpha3 has a few additional features, we highlight them all here.


The 2010 season may be a long time off, but you can start a new season anytime you like with tXtFL. Starting a new season will generate a 16-week schedule against all the other teams in your league and allow you to pick off your opponents one-by-one.

Once you've started a season, the games are automatically assigned for each week. In this case, the 2009 Niners take on the glory days' Niners for a wild week 1.

For now the scheduling is fairly rudimentary, but future versions will focus on assigning teams to divisions and scheduling them accordingly.

Not unexpectedly, the glory day 89ers whooped the present-day 2009ers. Following each game, you can track the standings to see how your team is faring against the competition.

In this case, only one game has been played, leaving the Boars vs. Gigantics match-up unplayed. Not to fear....

The rest of the week's games can be completely automated so that you don't have to worry about those teams. Until you face them in the next weeks' games, that is!


As you've probably noticed already, tXtFL has reached the color era of computing. Key plays and players are highlighted not only in red or blue, but also bold font styling. Bold move, isn't it?

Input area layout

On a smaller note, the input area underwent a small reorganization after usability tests identified the original layout as a cause for confusion. The "Next" button has become a "Go" button to emphasize that it will execute the selection or typed command. In response to mouse hesitations, tool tips will pop up to guide your way.

Java Web Start compability

One of our favorite updates is actually independent of alpha3 by definition--the tXtFL Java Web Start release for posting software updates even in-between "official" alphas, betas, et ceteras. We'll be pushing these updates more frequently so that you can test our very latest features. Your feedback, as usual, is always welcome!

For those of you whose sights go beyond the NFL to the likes of the NCAA or CFL, we'll be focusing on flexible rule-sets to support additional leagues in alpha4 (see roadmap). But for now, enjoy tXtFL 2.0.0alpha3!

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