Seasons update

To kick off opening day of the Major League Baseball regular season, we've released a small update that brings a complete regular season to tXtFL.  Now after starting a new season, you can play each game of the 16-week season.  For the truly ambitious, that means that you can play every game of every team, but if you're like me, you might just want to play for your favorite team.  In that case, you can now automate the rest of the games for each week, letting the same automation tools tXtFL uses to generate thousands of simulations to predict NFL games to determine how your rivals are playing.

Anxious for the update?  It's already available in the tXtFL Java Web Start release*, our new testbed for the latest development.  Post-season, championships, and leaderboards are still to come!

* Alas, it's not quite working yet on the Mac because of a bug in the underlying graphical toolkit.  For our Mac users, stay tuned for updates, or try the latest development release. UPDATE: Now working on the Mac!


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