Football season's not quite over yet...

The Super Bowl has passed, heck, it's not even Super Bowl month anymore...

But for all of you for whom the football season lives on, still breathes deeply inside your heart, we're happy to say that the tXtFL season is only just beginning.  tXtFL 2 development rumbles on as we tackle the ability to play full seasons, tracking your team to the championship.  It's still in early stages, but in the meantime we've added some eye-candy in the form of color mark-up to highlight the significant parts of each play.

And for those of you satisfied with tXtFL 1 (for now), we thought you might be happy to know that we're wrapping up version 1.1.2, a bug fix release.

So if your football longings have only grown with the Olympics now behind us, keep an eye out for the start of tXtFL Seasons!


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