tXtFL 1.1.2 released

Over the course of the football season we racked up a number of bug hits that we needed to tackle.  tXtFL 1.1.2, released over the weekend, brings with it some minor fixes that will hopefully make your post-season blues a little more cherry.

The most important fix is for our beloved Mac users, who may have noticed that downloading teams through Draft gets you the players but not the teams.  That's ironic and no longer the case now.  We also uncovered a small bug where if you tried to download all offensive players (not the crass kind, but those on offense) or defensive players separately, nothing would happen, like all too many draft busts.  We traded away that bug.

See here for the complete list of fixes, including a few smaller ones to smoothen the experience.  We're excited to make this release for your post-season pleasure and in parallel with continued development of tXtFL 2.0.  See you again soon.

Download tXtFL 1.1.2 here.


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