Java Web Start enabled tXtFL

We're pleased to announce a new tXtFL release that just keeps on giving.  The Java Web Start enabled tXtFL release can be installed straight from your browser and will automatically keep itself updated with the latest software updates. Plus, it automatically detects your platform and Java version to make sure that it downloads the correct version for you.

One of our goals in this release is to deliver snapshots of the latest development so that you can try out the latest features and provide us with testing and feedback.  We'll be pushing updates on a more frequent basis than either of our official Development or Stable releases, so you'll be living on "the cutting edge" of tXtFL.  Be aware of course that these snapshots may have a tendency to break or not to work all, so keep your copies of tXtFL Stable for your NFL Draft Day parties.

Another goal is to simplify the download/installation process.  Right now you have to pick among 6 different packages based on a combination of platform and Java version.  To add to the confusion, the 32 vs 64 bit refers to Java, not the operating system.  Java Web Start takes care of this mess by automatically identifying which package you need and installing it for you.

Note that this release has been tested successfully on a variety on Windows and Linux platforms, but it's currently a no-go on the Mac because of a possible bug in the underlying graphics toolkit we use, which unfortunately we don't have control over.  Once a fix or workaround is available, we'll post it so that Java Web Start can keep on giving.

Install Java Web Start tXtFL release | release notes.


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