tXtFL Java Web Start update

One-click install and launch. Have you ever heard of that? It may seem like but a fantasy, but that's what Java Web Start (JWS) can do, given all the proper conditions and environments. tXtFL has not traditionally been the best at creating those conditions, but with the promises of JWS, maybe that can become a reality.

So far we have a working prototype of tXtFL via JWS that runs on Windows, starts but stalls on Linux, and doesn't run at all on the Mac. tXtFL has always had a complex path discovery system that has proven challenging for JWS, but we hope to simplify the system once we integrate a database. In the meantime, we're planning to ready a tXtFL-JWS version that can serve as a preview for the standard installation and a testbed for further expansion of the JWS domain.

We're also integrating new SWT libraries (the graphical toolkit) for the Mac so that those running the latest and greatest 64-bit Java implementations on the Mac won't be left out. These libraries will be available for both the JWS release and the standard install, along with season 2009 stats updates. What way to celebrate the new NFL season and your new Snow Leopard install than with a new 64-bit tXtFL download?


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