Pre-release: Text Trix 0.9.3beta1

Text Trix has been slowly chugging along, and a few new features have landed that we think are worthy of wrapping up in a next-version-beta pre-release. In our last release (0.9.2), we incorporated an open-source syntax highlighter, and this time, we've integrated an open-source spell-checker to round out the highlighting experience. Our goal is to make this a truly general purpose editor, and since we want to make sure we've crossed our t's and dotted our i's before sending our text, we figured a spell-checker is an integral part of any editor for daily use.

During daily wearing, we also realized that we had to close down the editor anytime we updated files via Subversion. The files would be silently updated in the background but don't show up if the files were already open in the editor. Now Text Trix has a background poller to check for file modifications and to notify one to refresh the page.

Another feature that landed in the last release was multiple windows as a quick way to view files side-by-side in separate windows of Text Trix. Tabs from new windows didn't get remembered in the last release, but now all tabs are remembered and reopened in each window when you next launch Text Trix.

Of course, the syntax highlighter, spell-checker, and tab memory can all be turned off in Preferences. But we hope you won't find the need to!

Check out the new 0.9.3beta1 pre-release (and the spazzy new Forums from SourceForge!).


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