(re-)installer for tXtFL

Long, long time ago, we packaged the Windows build for tXtFL in an installer for quick setup and launch. When we made the switch to Java binaries (rather than Windows executables), I didn't think that it would be necessary to include an installer since most people could simply unzip the package and double-click on the tXtFL.jar file. I didn't realize the confusion that people would have over which file to launch, however, and what an obstruction this would be to football statistical fun.

So we just checked in some fixes to the original installer so that people can install and launch Java binaries like any normal Windows application. The Mac packages will still have their standard .dmg installer (it's so easy on the Mac!), and Linux builds come in straight up .tar.gz archives (we know you're tech savvy...). We'll be posting builds shortly, so while you're grabbing a beer for your first game of the 2009 season, grab a copy of tXtFL!


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