tXtFL (mini) Bowl 3.0

We haven't got around to the tXtFL Bowl yet this year with all the flurry to release tXtFL 1.0 by Bowl time. But with a slight delay from quality control checks still running in the background, we're taking a moment to run a mini tXtFL Bowl in parallel. It's "mini" at compared with our 1000 game simulation for the NFC 2009 Championship, but much larger at 200 automated games compared with our 7 game Bowl simulations in the past.

We know you have a busy day ahead of you, but results to come soon...so please come back and enjoy!

UPDATE: And here are the scores. Go Cardinals!(?)

RECAP: The Cardinals are going to win!...no the Steelers...no the Cardinals...no the Steelers! This was certainly one of the wildest Super Bowls that I can remember, with neither team giving into the inevitable on either side of the ball. Alas, the simulator didn't quite predict the winner and underestimated the Steelers' score by a little over a touchdown, or 3 field goals. The Cardinals' predicted score came much closesr--within a point--but not enough for the Cardinals to win Super Bowl XLIII.

With the season's ending and tXtFL 1.0 on the verge of release, our thoughts are turning toward game engine improvements for tXtFL 2.0, including a wider variety of those small but essential factors that transform a team from raw talent to skilled play, such as individual player personalities, team-vs.-team statistics, and postseason fervor.


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